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HarmoniCollege 2020 Rescheduled

HarmoniCollege 2020 Rescheduled

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Our 10th Year

September 4th and 5th

HarmoniCollege Northeast Ohio Campus
21746 North Benton West Road
North Benton, Ohio 44449

It all begins Friday night at 6pm at the
Holleyberry Inn at Heritage Farm,
3300 Harvey Road  Huntington, WV

Sandy Weltman will be teaching

Leaning to Play in “Minor” Positions
In this class we will learn how to play minor music (as opposed to major) in five different
positions (keys) on one harmonica. We’ll learn to understand when, why and how to choose
a particular position for any particular minor song.
We’ll also learn a minor song(melody) and a solo in these 5 positions.
A Pentatonic Approach For The Harmonica
I like to tell my students that if they learn nothing else but the pentatonic and blues scale
along with some associated licks and patterns, they will probably be able to jam along very
competently on any folk, rock, blues or bluegrass song or jam session that they encounter.
In this class we are going to dig into the five note pentatonic scale for the harmonica.
We will learn licks, patterns and approaches to jamming with this simple yet profound scale.
The Blues Scale
Patterns, excercises and licks will be taught to help assimilate
these all important six notes into all of your playing.
12th Position
What is it? When and how to use it. Patterns ,licks and exercises to help you get going.
We will also learn a swingy version of a harmonica standard using this position.
Learning To Play in 1st Position
(you’ve got to be kidding  I did that years ago when I first started)
Not kidding. We’ll learn way more than you thought possible in this position,
including blues, jazz/swing, bluegrass and even some ethnic music.
Approaching Jazz and Swing
This class will focus on an approach to learning, understanding and playing one of
the most crucial components to playing jazz/swing on the harmonica, the 2-5-1 progression
. Specifically, 2-5-1 licks and patterns in a few different positions.
What is it? How to do it? How to use it? along with assorted overblow licks in assorted positions.


Private 30 minute lessons can be scheduled with Clint Hoover for $50.

The total cost is $90 for Saturday lessons, both jams, and food
   If you want only the lessons, for $60, you can attend the Saturday
lessons with lunch provided (but no jam sessions). 

Rooms or beds are available if you want to stay “on campus”

A room costs $180 for both nights. The total cost will be $270.

A bed costs $120 for both nights.
The 2 beds share one bath. The total cost is $210. 

sponsored by
The Harmonica Club
Huntington West Virginia
For information and Registration
Contact Jim Rumbaugh

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