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PT Gazell method valves

PT Gazell method valves

Product Information

PT Gazell was the first person to use Ultrasued for half valving
diatonic harmonicas. Seydel recognized the value of PT's method
Now all Seydel half-valved diatonic harmonicas are fitted with
the same valve material that PT Gazell uses.
This material
greatly reduces buzzing and rattling. It is also extremely
 and moisture resistant.

half valving makes the harmonica more airtight
experience a new level of creativity and expressiveness
Do it yourself for only $9.00

What GLUE to Use ?
PT says " I use a product called Contact Cement that is made by Dap it also says
Weldwood on the bottle. Home depot has it. Thanks for purchasing the valves.
When Germany installs the valves they use something else which works equally
well. Point is...any contact cement that you can remove easily with a flat
blade should work. I do not recommend super glues."

Download the Chromatic Layout above Free
and get a little insight about 1/2 valving from
PT's recent interview with
Check out PT's new CD's while your there !
CDs, Biography, Events Calender and music samples and more

When you order any half-valved Seydel diatonic harmonica
the reeds are set up to according to  PT Gazell's specifications

PT Gazell prefers the half valved Seydel 1847 Silver





Price: $9.00

Product Code: V004
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