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Semi Transparent WindSaver Valves (12)

Semi Transparent WindSaver Valves (12)

Product Information

$10 / Dozen - Our Valves Lay Flat and Never Curl


As you play, saliva and moisture from your warm breath travels through the reed slots,
  collecting under the valves and creating those annoying gurgling and popping noises.

Our valves have a layer of micro-fiber that helps reduce sticking.

Because they are semi-transparent, installation is both easier and more accurate. 
When installed correctly , they will consistently spring closed and lay perfectly flat.

*******    Mylar is a product of DuPont Teijin Films   ********
Mylar's unique qualities make it a great choice for any application
where superior strength, heat resistance, and excellent insulating
properties are required. Not all harmonicas have valves, but those

that do come from the manufacturer with valves made of Mylar

Because Mylar is limber, all harmonica manufacturers add a
flexible transparent layer of plastic film that acts like a
spring and presses the valve toward the reedplate.

Our Valves are Not Made of Mylar
Our valves are flexible but not limber
No Need for a Second Layer

The website automatically charges $5.95 for shipping for all orders under $149.00
In order to avoid charging you for shipping
The Valves will appear on your email confirmation
as a digital download. Just disregard the download link as
your valves will be sent out the next day by regular US Mail


Price: $10.00

Product Code: V001
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