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Seydel Skydiver Tremolo

Seydel Skydiver Tremolo

Product Information

The SKYDIVER is "Asian Tuned" the most commonly used tuning of tremolo harmonicas
Polymeric comb with single chamber per reed – very airtight and durable
Stainless steel covers – no possibility of corrosion
Traditionally-shaped (double-row) tremolo mouthpiece
48 stainless steel reeds

  Solo-tremolo tuning (without double notes)
three complete melody octaves
 of tonal range
Full overtone-rich sound with an easy response

Stainless steel reeds
Sweet sounding tremolo
Available in many keys: G, A, C, Db and D

Asian vs Wender
The next most commonly used tremolo tuning is Wender tuning
If you live here in the US you're likely used to hearing tremolo
harmonicas that are Wender tuned. This isn't to imply that there is anything
wrong with Asian tuned harmonicas. I just wan you to be aware that there is a
difference because "not liking the tuning" is not covered in the warranty

Price: $129.95

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